Buyer Testimonials


I’ve been living with chronic pain for over 25 years, having had three spinal fusions and all the pain therapies known to man.  Not expecting any relief, I tried wave therapy and my life changed.  After the first week of sessions, I began to notice a difference.  It wasn’t dramatic, but I could tell that something was happening.  With more therapy, the pain that was my everyday experience began to dissipate.  Range of motion in my neck improved.  I could actually turn my head without pain!  My lower back pain began to decrease, I could put my pants on, tie my shoes, and lay in bed without the burning pain that had always accompanied those activities.  Friends and family noticed I was walking easier, my mood had elevated and I began to act more like my old self.  I  became a believer, bought a device and opened up my own clinic.  In my mind, I’m now giving others the chance to experience the kind of miracle that happened to me.


I have had a chronic lung condition for many years that is managed by my concierge physician and the best pulmonary specialists in the country.  I also have back problems and inflammation and swelling in both legs.  Sometimes my conditions result in hospitalizations.  My concierge doctor referred me to wave therapy and it has significantly improved my circulation, reduced swelling and inflammation and lowered pain levels.  With two homes in Scottsdale and West Virginia, I needed the therapy when on the east coast.  Initially I rented the wave therapy device when back east and have recently purchased the unit to use all the time.  It’s a critical tool to maintain my health and mobility.