Sound Wave Therapy for Peripheral Neuropathy

Using Sound Wave Therapy to Help with Peripheral Neuropathy

Peripheral neuropathy is a potentially serious condition caused by damage to the peripheral nerves. Most often occurring in the extremities, patients suffering from the condition commonly experience numbness and pain, and more serious cases can lead to falls, infection, and other complications.

While this condition can feel all-consuming, the truth is that peripheral neuropathy is generally treatable. Like those suffering from many conditions involving chronic inflammation, patients often see positive results from a form of treatment known as sound wave therapy.

What Is Sound Wave Therapy?

Wave Therapy is carried out by an FDA Class 1 device that uses low frequency sound stimulation to treat peripheral neuropathy and many other common conditions. Many patients experience benefits after their first treatment session, while others may require additional sessions for the full effects.

Inflammation and Peripheral Neuropathy

Wave Therapy is especially effective for conditions related to chronic inflammation, which can affect the energy output of your cell mitochondria. Inflammation prevents your mitochondria from producing typical levels of energy in the form of ATP, and leads them to instead produce harmful compounds which in turn aggravate the inflammation.

As sound wave therapy reduces the level of chronic inflammation throughout your body, your cell mitochondria will return to their usual ATP production. This process will also increase the health of your nerve cells and prevent cell death, leading to greater overall health and less painful symptoms.

How Does Wave Therapy Work?

If you choose to pursue a course of Wave Therapy, you will attend one or multiple sessions of treatment using equipment designed for a number of positive effects, such as improved cell health and blood circulation along with lower levels of pain and inflammation. Sessions can be purchased individually or in sets.

Each treatment room contains space for up to six patients, who remain close to the machine for a session of one hour. As a noninvasive treatment option, Wave Therapy allows clients to spend their time in treatment however they wish. Patients commonly choose to read a book, spend time on their phones and computers, listen to music, and talk.

Research has indicated that patients can expect positive results within one to five sessions of treatment. Those with chronic conditions then often choose to switch to a maintenance-oriented treatment plan, allowing them to come in at a lower frequency in order to manage their symptoms.

If you’re interested in visiting one of our pain control clinics, consider making an appointment at either our Scottsdale, AZ or Las Vegas, NV location. Natural health practitioners interested in using our equipment for their practices can contact us to arrange a purchase.

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